Vishwakarma Online Matrimony: Bride Listings
If you are interested in any of the profiles listed below, Please contact us by mentioning the "Profile ID".
Profile ID Age (Years) V- Subcast Height (cm) Star Education Work
V_ Bride_17 18     Makam PDC  
V_ Bride_87 19   NA NA PDC, Computer Sc.  
V_ Bride_61 20       B.Pham Studying  
V_ Bride_6 21     Chovva in 8 B.Ed studing  
V_ Bride_36 21       BA, TTC studying  
V_ Bride_70 21       TTC studying Medium family
V_Bride_128 21   167 Visakham-Sudhajathakam NA Middle class family
V_ Bride_20 22       MCA Wealthy
V_ Bride_52 22       B.Ed-Studying Wealthy
V_ Bride_80 22       Degre, TTC Medium family
V_ Bride_83 22 BS 160 Karthika BBA  
V_ Bride_100 22   NA NA MBA Studying No demand, Unemployed boys also accepetd.
V_ Bride_8 23   160 Fair M.Com LD Clerk. Central Govt.
V_ Bride_16 23 C 152 Karthika Msc-Maths Private college teacher 
V_ Bride_64 23   150 Rohini MBA  
V_ Bride_84 23   163 Poora, M.Com Medium Color
V_ Bride_91 23   158 Aayilluam BA Lit,  LDC Govt.job TVM
V_ Bride_101 23 BS 148 12/10/95,
7.25 am small papam
V_ Bride_118 23 TGS 165 Karthika-Sudhajathakam Degree  
V_Bride_129 23 C 162 Anizham B.Com, HDC TVM
V_Bride_135 23 TGS   Bharani M.Sc  
V_ Bride_1 24   160 Fair B.Tech PO South Indian Bank, Trivandrum
V_ Bride_11 24       BCOM, CA studying CA studying
V_ Bride_13 24       DMLT  Govt. Lab Techenition
V_ Bride_14 24   163 Chothi BSc Nursing Dubai
V_ Bride_25 24       Degree Medium family
V_ Bride_32 24       B.Ed   
V_ Bride_34 24 C 153 Trikketta Bcom MBA  
V_ Bride_46 24       Degree Working in Railway
V_ Bride_57 24 M 162 Small papam B.Com, Polu Diploma NIT temp job
V_ Bride_72 24       Diploma ISRO Engineer
V_ Bride_73 24 GS 151 Punartham  B.Tech Techno park
V_ Bride_88 24 C 160 Aswathi, chovva in 8 M.Sc B.Ed,  
V_ Bride_89 24   160   B.Sc Nurse MOH, Dubai
V_ Bride_97 24   NA NA D.Pham Govt. Pharmacisist, Financially sound, 
V_ Bride_108 24 BS 154 Karthika B.Sc. B.Ed NA
V_Bride_140 24 C 155 Bharani M.Tech Prefrence for Govt.Employes.
V_Bride_144 24   162 Chothi BSc Nursing Working in Dubai, Family Visa
V_Bride_145 24 C   Ayillyam B.Tech  
V_Bride_146 24   160 NA M.Sc Govt. FCI Clerk, Fair
V_Bride_149 24   163 Anizham B.Tech Very Fair, Financially sound, TVM
V_Bride_162 24 BS 166 Pooram-Chovva dosham ITI - Electrician Trainee in Public limited Company, Permbavoor.
V_Bride_166 24 BS 156 Karthika B.Sc, B.Ed, Teacher, Medium Family, Kottayam
V_Bride_170 24   148 NA BDS Seeks alliance from BDS, MBBS, MDS, MD, CA and College Lecturers 
V_Bride_176 24 C 150 Thiruvathira B.Com(Incomplete) DTP, TALLY, Type Writing.
V_Bride_178 24   158 Bharani B.Com NA
V_ Bride_9 25     Avittom Homio Doctor Homio Doctor
V_ Bride_15 25 C   Utradam Papasamyam M.Sc  
V_ Bride_22 25   160 Aswathy, 2 papam B.Tech Sr. Software Engineer
V_ Bride_23 25   160 Aswathy B.Com Accountant Dubai
V_ Bride_24 25 C 157 Pururuttathi M.Com Medium family
V_ Bride_31 25 TGS 167 Avittom B.Tech Bank employ
V_ Bride_35 25   160 Avittom MBA Medium family.
V_ Bride_40 25       PDC Medium Family Any subcast
V_ Bride_45 25   160 Vishakam M.Tech Jr. Telecom Officer BSNL, TVM
V_ Bride_59 25   160 Vishakam M.Tech Jr. Telecom Officer BSNL, TVM
V_ Bride_66 25       PDC Private job
V_ Bride_82 25   168 Vishakam, chovva in 7 B.Tech Engineer, MNC
V_ Bride_90 25       B.Tech Working in Indian Bank
V_ Bride_98 25     Anizham MBBS TVM
V_ Bride_104 25       M.Sc Agricultural Officer, 
V_ Bride_106 25   163 Makayiram M.Sc, B.Ed Teacher
V_Bride_127 25     Visakham B.Com, LLB-Studying  
V_Bride_131 25 C 170 Utram  B.Tech NA
V_Bride_134 25   165 Makam Working Technopark, TVM Nurse in Govt. Homio Hospital
V_Bride_139 25 C   NA B.Tech Working in a Nationalized Bank.
V_Bride_147 25   162 Makayiram B.Tech Postal Assistant 
V_Bride_152 25   162 Bharani Nurse D/o Vishwakarma-Ezhava couple. 
V_Bride_153 25     NA PDC, Diploma Medium Family, Boy;s job not an issue.
V_Bride_165 25 C   Bharani-3.5 Papam M.Com Chowwa in 7 will match.
V_Bride_177 25 M 157 Chathayam-Small Papam M.Com NA
V_Bride_181 25   153 Thiruvonam MA, PGDCA Private job.
V_Bride_184 25   153 Utram  MBA Bank employ
V_ Bride_5 26 C       Govt. Employ
V_ Bride_7 26 TGS 157 Pooyam-Papam B.Sc  
V_ Bride_60 26     Pooyam-Sudhajathakam SSLC  
V_ Bride_74 26 GS     Engineer - Non IT  
V_ Bride_96 26 M 152 Rohini-Small Papam B.Tech -
V_ Bride_99 26   NA Avittom TTC Temporary Teacher(Govt), Medium Family.
V_ Bride_105 26     Chothi PG Temporary job, TVM
V_ Bride_107 26   163 Anizham M.Sc Govt. job
V_ Bride_110 26 C 147 Utradam M.Sc, B.Ed Kottayam
V_ Bride_119 26 TGS 160 Moolam M.Com Kollam
V_Bride_124 26     Rohini Lab Techenition Himdu-cast no bar, 
V_Bride_125 26 M 170 Visakham B.Com MBA Accountant. (sub-cast no bar)
V_Bride_133 26 GS NA Papam in 8 NA NA
V_Bride_136 26 M   Ravathy TTC, MA, B.Ed, NET Sub-cast no bar, Kottayam
V_Bride_143 26 C 147 Bharani Pham-D Doctor of Pharmacy
V_Bride_158 26 GS 164 Avittom Ayurveda Doctor  
V_Bride_168 26 M 153 Makam-small papam MCA NA
V_Bride_183 26 M   Rohini B.Com Works in Municipality.
V_ Bride_4 27     Ravathy MBBS  
V_ Bride_29 27 TGS 154 Anizham, Papam B.Tech Working
V_ Bride_33 27 C   Ravathy MBBS PG Coaching
V_ Bride_41 27 BS 160 Utrittathi small papam Asst. Professor(guest)
V_ Bride_42 27   153 Makam, small papam Library Sc  
V_ Bride_43 27 TGS 155 Thiruvathira M.Com  
V_ Bride_62 27   157 Pooradam M.Tech TCS Job
V_ Bride_63 27 BS 156 Pooyam M.Sc Govt. job
V_ Bride_67 27 C 149 Rohini MCA  
V_ Bride_79 27 BS 160 Chithira, small papam Nurse  
V_ Bride_81 27 C 146 Ashwathi BHMS, Medium Color
V_ Bride_86 27 M 167 Thiruvonam BSc Nursing Army Capton, looking for Central govt. employ
V_ Bride_102 27 C 152 Chithira MCA NA
V_ Bride_116 27 C   Utrittathi Homeo Doctor  
V_ Bride_121 27   NA NA MA B.Ed Teacher, Re-marriage
V_Bride_161 27   NA Makam NA Education and Job not an issue
V_Bride_180 27 C 160 Revathi Bank Asst. Mgr. TVM
V_Bride_186 27   NA NA B.Tech Cast no bar
V_ Bride_18 28     Utradam chovva 7 B.Tech  
V_ Bride_54 28 BS 157 Pooram BE Software Professional
V_ Bride_68 28   150 Avittom, Small papam MA. B.Ed  
V_ Bride_95 28 C 172 Anizham M.Tech Assist.Professor.
V_ Bride_109 28   158 Karthika B.Com PGDCA NA
V_ Bride_112 28 C 157 Utram  Nurse Amritha Hospital
V_ Bride_120 28 C   Chathayam-Small Papam   Audit Assistant
V_Bride_126 28   163 Avittom B.Tech,  Fair color
V_Bride_137 28 C 155 Thiruvonam B.Sc Nurse in Saudi
V_Bride_138 28 BS 157 Pooradam M.Tech TCS-Bangalore(Transfering to Eranakulam soon). Prefrence Liberal in Horoscope, Vishwakarma and Ezhava.
V_Bride_141 28 BS 161 Thruvathira MCA Working in Technopark
V_Bride_150 28 C 152 Rohini PG Working
V_Bride_154 28   150 NA B.Tech Software Engineer.
V_Bride_157 28 BS 158 Utradam Diploma in Computer. MA Studying.
V_Bride_159 28   155 Trikketta B.Tech Working in Infopark.
V_Bride_167 28 BS 164 Vishakham B.Tech NA
V_Bride_171 28 GS 150 Chathayam B.Tech-Civil Financially sound, Single Daughrter, Sub-caste no bar
V_Bride_173 28 C   Pooradam-chovva in 7 BA-Eng, PGDCA NA
V_Bride_179 28   160 Chothi M.Sc, B.Ed Medium Color
V_ Bride_12 29 GS 150 Aswathy B.Sc, MS Sr. Software Engineer
V_ Bride_26 29 M   Vishakam   GNM Nursr Khattar
V_ Bride_38 29 TGS 162 Aayilluam   Saudi Nurse
V_ Bride_47 29 TGS   Bharani, chovva-8, papam-7 MBA Private company
V_ Bride_92 29 GS 155 Thiruvathira Central Govt. job  
V_ Bride_93 29 C 153 Utrittathi-Sudhajathakam B.Tech Slim, Working in Dubai, Preference for Dubai working boys.
V_ Bride_94 29 C   Pururuttathi M.Tech Assist.Professor.
V_Bride_122 29   160 Thiruvathira M.Sc(Phy), B,Ed, Doing Phd Upper middle class, Kollam
V_Bride_123 29   150 Chithira MBA, Journalism Hindu -Cast no bar, Kottayam
V_Bride_130 29 TGS 155 Visakham-Small papam B.Tech Temporary job
V_Bride_160 29 GS 161 Avittom MCA Software Engineer.
V_Bride_169 29 TGS   NA MSc, B.Ed.  Plus 2-Teacher
V_Bride_172 29   155 Vishakham B.Com-Computer Appln. Consider guld alliances also.
V_ Bride_21 30 C   Chithira, small papam MA  
V_ Bride_27 30 C 160 Anizham M.Com Bangalore settled, MNC Employed
c 30   164 Pooradam SSLC Consider remarriage also
V_ Bride_49 30   148 Utrittathi  MBBS, MD Tutor
V_ Bride_55 30 BS 155 Pooram CA Company Secretary Fedbank Manger
V_ Bride_114 30 TGS 162 Ayillyam Nurse  Working in Soudi
V_Bride_151 30     Bharani-Papam in 7 Asst.Professor  
V_Bride_155 30   NA NA M.Tech, Phd Doing Rich, Employed in Gulf, Re-marriage. (Kerala/Tamil), From attingal.
V_Bride_163 30 C 153 Utritathi B.Tech Working in UAE. Prefer UAE Employed Boys of similar Qualification.
V_Bride_182 30 C 152 Pooram B.Tech Engineer, Singapore, Sub-cast no bar.
V_Bride_185 30 M   Vishakham Nurse Working in Quathar
V_ Bride_56 31 GS 162 Attam MBA Working in Delhi
V_ Bride_75 31   163   M.Sc B.Ed, SET Malappuram
V_Bride_132 31   157 Ashwathi B.Sc, B.Ed Teacher, Kozhicode Dist.
V_Bride_175 31 C 162 Noolam- Chovva dosham. M.Sc, B.Ed Invite allinace with Papam in 7.
V_ Bride_3 32 GS 160 Pooyam   Nationalized Bank
V_ Bride_58 32     Pururuttathi Architect  
V_ Bride_78 32       M. Pham Newzealand, Remaariage-OK
V_Bride_156 32     Pururuttathi Architect Sub-cast no bar.
V_ Bride_19 33     Makayiram   Govt. Sr. Letcturer, fair
V_ Bride_37 33     Makayiram   Beautiful, Letcturer, Govt, permanent
V_ Bride_50 33 C 158 Vishakam B.Arch,  Architect, Trissur
V_ Bride_65 33 TGS 164 Punartham papajathakam M.Phil, doing Phd  
V_ Bride_85 33     Attam Working Technopark, TVM  
V_Bride_142 33 BS 153 Moolam Ayurveda Doctor Govt.Medical Officer, Kottayam, Cast no bar.
V_Bride_148 33 GS 163 Anizham Govt. Jr.Health ispector Seeks alliance from Govt. Empluees with Chovva in 7th Position.
V_Bride_164 33 C 148 Bharani B.E-IT Settled in Bangalore, Working in Wipro.
V_Bride_187 33     Bharani Degree Re-marriage, no children. Medium family. Cast no bar.
V_ Bride_28 34 GS   Bharani Degree Re-marriage, with one child
V_ Bride_39 34 GS 150 Avittom PDC  
V_ Bride_53 34 C 160 Chothi B.A -  
V_ Bride_71 34   152 Pururuttathi MA B.Ed, doing Phd  
V_ Bride_2 35 C 159 Chatham MSc, Mphil Govt. HSS Teacher,
V_ Bride_10 35 C   Pooradam   Village Extension Officer
V_ Bride_44 35       Degree Re-marriage,no liability
V_ Bride_51 35 TGS   Bharani MSc-Nurse Asst. Professor
V_ Bride_111 35     Anittom MA, Mphil, B.Ed,   
V_ Bride_113 35 BS 155 Trikketta-Sudhajathakam MA B.Ed. Re-marriage
V_Bride_174 35 C   Uthradam M.Sc, Phd NA
V_ Bride_115 40 BS 160 Rohini   Government employ
V_ Bride_103 42   NA   PG, B.Ed, Village Officer First marriage, Prefers below 53. 
V_ Bride_117 42 BS 152 Utrittathi Private Teacher No Demand, Subcast no bar
V_ Bride_48 46 BS   Utram  BA First marriage, Govt. job
V_ Bride_77 46         Remarriage, Christain priority
V_ Bride_76 48 C   Avittom   Re-marriage