||Ohm Shri Vishwakarmane Namaha.....||Ohm Shri Vishwakarmane Namaha.....||Ohm Shri Vishwakarmane Namaha.....||

SS Inag SS Inag

Vishwashanthi Vishwabhrahma Mahayaagam, on 18-20 April 2018 at Aaluva.


Sri. Sugathan's dream workshop: Stone Laying ceremony on Sunday, 14th April 2018.

Sugathan Kallideel

Chengannur-By-election: Mohanan Achary is the Independent Candidate for Vishwakarma Ekopana Samithi.


Vishwakarma Ekopana Samithi( Kerala Vishwakarma Unity Form) has declared Shri. Mohan Achary, the all India organizing secretary of Akhil Bharateya Vishwakarma Sabha and long time Vishwakarma community leader, as their candidate for the chengannoor assembly by-election, in function organized at Nila Auditorium-Chengannor. The declaration and candidateís introduction is done by Dr. P.N. Shankaran, the one man commission appointed by Govt. of Kerala to study the problems in Vishwakarma Community. In the address to the gathering Dr. P. N. Shankaran has stressed the need of unity and political awareness for growth and develoment. He blamed the present leaders for their lack of sincerity, inaction and narrow narrow minded approach towards issues, as the main causes that hinders the progress of Vishwakarma community, by example by example. Representatives of various viswakarma organizations also spoke during this occasion and bestowed their blessing to Shri. Mohanan Achary.

Later, Shri. Mohanan Achary addressed the guests and reaffirmed his commitment to work for the cause of Vishwakarma and thanked everybody for their support and blessing.

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Kerala Vishwakarma entrepreneur, Sri. Sugathan's suicide: An eye opener for the community.



Sugathan (64) member of the Vishwakarma community, native Aikarakonam, Punalur, was found hanging from the beam of the shed he was constructing at Elambal, Punalur on 23rd February 2018. He worked as an automobile mechanic in Muscat for nearly four decades, had returned to his home town recently and leased a property at Elambal to set up a workshop. While work was progressing, the AIYF launched a protest saying that it was illegal to use the land, once a paddy field, for commercial purpose. The plot was allegedly converted from paddy field to commercial plot 20 years ago. The family alleged that local politicians demanded money from him for solving the issue. Sugathan was given a deadline to stop construction. He was found dead on the same day. Sugathan is survived by wife Sarasamma and sons Sujith and Sunil.

Vishwakarma Ekopana Smithi has a setup a Family Welfare Fund for Late Shri. Sugathan Achary's family. Vishwakarma Online request all the Vishwakarma members, to help the family by donating liberally.

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Sri Kalikamba-Vinayaka Temple Panavel, Bimba Prathishta Kalasothsavam.


Sri Kalikamba Vishwakarna Seva Sangham Panavel , Navi Mumbaiís, newly built Sri. Kalikamba-Vinayaka Devastanams Asta Bhramha Kalasothsava was done on 19th February 2018. The religious rituals: Vedaparayana, Mandapa samskara, Vastu homa were conducted by Brahmashri vedamurthy N Sridhar Purohit, under the guidance of Vedamurthy thantri Shri Akshaya Sharmaji. His holiness Parama poojya Kalahasthendra saraswathi Jagthguru Swamikal presided over the poojas. One Thousnad and one Kalashabhisheka, Navaka pradhana Devatha Prathista Homa and Poornahuthi homa also conducted as part of the Maha Pooja. The Prathista karma for Shi Anjayaneya Swamy and Shi Naga Davatha as the upadevatha is also done. People from across the society including Vishwakarmas settled in Bombay, local politicians, other community leaders and general public participated in large numbers. The temple is build by Sri Kalikamba Vishwakarna Seva Sanghnam under the able leadership of President Shri Kannappan Acharya and Vice President Shri Narasimha Acharya at an estimated cost of Rs. Three Crore. To know more about the association and their temple project, Please visit:

Bimba Pratishtapana Brahmakalashotsava(Day 1) video
Bimba Pratishtapana Brahmakalashotsava(Day 2) video


Kerala Vishwakarma Sabha celebrates Vishwakarma Day.


Vishwakarma Day, also known as Vishwakarma Jayanti or Vishwakarma Puja, is a day of celebration for Vishwakarma. It is generally celebrated every year on 17 September which usually falls on the last day of the Indian Bhado month, in Indian states such as Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, and Tripura. The festival is observed primarily in factories and industrial areas, often on the shop floor. As a mark of reverence the day of worship is marked not only by the engineering and architectural community but by artisans, craftsmen, mechanics, smiths, welders, industrial workers, factory workers and others. They pray for a better future, safe working conditions and, above all, success in their respective fields. Workers also pray for the smooth functioning of various machines. It is customary for craftsmen to worship their tools in his name, refraining from using the tools while doing so.


Kerala Vishwakarma Sabha-Perumannoor celebrates Family Get-together.


Vishwakarma sabha Perumannoor-Valakom sakha is one of the oldest unit of Akhila Kerala Vishwakarma Mahasabha in Kollam district. It is in existence for more than 60 years. It has own land and building at Podiyattuvila by the side of Valakom-Thadikkadu road. Right now this sabha has more than 100 families as its members. This is a group of highly educated and well developed individuals who are exemplary to the vishwakarma community. Majority of the members are either professionals or government employees, only very few depend on the traditional jobs for their livelihood.
The present leaders of this sakha are:
President: Thankappan Achary( Retd Overseer, KSEB), Secretary: Vasudevan-9446518397( Retd. Head Master), Treasurer: Thyagarajan(Bank employ).

Vishwakarma Kudumba Sangamam-Flag hoisting video
Vishwakarma Kudumba Sangamam-Long March video


Akhila Kerala Vishwakarma Mahasabha, Mulamkuzha-Chengannoor.



Akhila Kerala Vishwakarma Mahasabha, Mulamkuzha-Chengannoor, Flag hoisting ceremony for its Annual Family gettogether...


Kerala Viswakarma Sabha Kuruppanthara Town.

Vice President

Kerala Viswakarma Sabha Kuruppanthara Town 1209- Vilambara Khoshayaatra....



Kerala Viswakarma Sabha-Karamana Vishwakarma Jayanthi Khoshayaatra.

Vice President

Kerala Viswakarma Sabha-Karamana Vishwakarma Jayanthi Khoshayaatra....



Kerala Viswakarma Sabha-Thachottukavu

Vice President

Kerala Viswakarma Sabha-Thachottukavu, Thaluk level convention ...



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