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Viswakarma Online: Palliyodam - God's boat (Palliyodam picture

God's boat (Palliyodam)

Viswakarma Online: Onam festivel boat(Thiruvonathoni picture

Onam festivel boat(Thiruvonathoni)

Viswakarma Online: Race boat(Chundan Vallam) picture

Race boat(Chundan Vallam)

It is believed that Palliyodams (Boats of Deity) are built for the Protection of "Thiruvonathoni" which bring food materials from the Mangatt Illam, Kattoor, 8 Kms east of Aranmulan, to the Parthasarathy Temple for the Thiruvonam Feast. These Palliyodams as similar to snake boats ("Chundan Vallams").

Aranmula is the Cradle of boat race, which is held on "Uthritathi" asterism during Onam festival. The Master craftsman of the "Thiruvonathoni" and the snake boats was Late Shri. Changamkari Thankappan Achary. His son Shri Padmanabhan Achary acquired the skill and passed on the same to his son (Grand son of Thankappan Achary), Shri. Venu Achary, who is the master craftsman at present.

Another master craftsman Late Shri. Gopalan Achary of Kozhy Mukku also made "Thiruvonathoni". His son Shri. Umamaheswaran has made the famous "Payippadan Boat".


Shri. Venu Achary: 0477-2215992, 09947592393

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