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||Ohm Shri Vishwakarmane Namaha.....||Ohm Shri Vishwakarmane Namaha.....||Ohm Shri Vishwakarmane Namaha.....||


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The Temple of Virat Vishwakarma is located at Puthiyakandam, Mavungal in Ajanur Village, Kanhangad, Kasaragod District of Kerala State. The presiding Deity of the temple Lord Virat Vishwakarma. There are also sub-shrines for Sree Kalikaamba Devi, Sree Mahalakshmi Devi, Sree Mahaganapathy and for Karasthala Naagalinga Guru inside the temple.

The temple tantric, vedic, pooja, rituals are being performed by the Vishwabrahmins priests of North Malabar and South Canara district who are the hierarchical skilled labourers of the five communities (Manu, Maya, Thwoshta, Shilpi and Vishwanja) have been trained under the guidance of Nagalinga Guru Swami Mutt at Mysore. This is the significant feature of Srimad Parasiva Vishwakarma temple. The Moolamanthram, of  this temple, transferred year to year, which was handed over by Sri Sri Sidha Linga Guru Swami to his Successor, Mahadeva Swamji. The Pooja performed with such Thantric Vidya is the only reason of the greatness, purity and popularity of this temple. The present Melshanthi is Sri. Harishchandran Purohithar.

The Temple is open for the morning Nirmalya Darshanam at 5 AM. The Ushah Pooja starts at 6.30 AM. The Madhayahna Pooja (Noon Pooja) starts at 11.30 AM and closes at 12.30 Noon. In the evening the temple opens at 5 PM. Sayahna Pooja starts at 7 PM and the Nada closes at 8.30 PM.

Many Viswakarma devotees from all states have been visiting the temple to seek the blessings of Virat Viswakarma Deva. A new renovation committee with 250 members formed in 2015 have been hard working sincerely to reconstruct the temple .The committee has included Art Gallery, Museum, Annadaana Hall, Pilgrims Accommodation, Goshaala, Vasthu Vidya Peetam, Viswakarma Purohitha Peetam etc. in its Master Plan. The temple will be known as the biggest and prime Viswakarma Pilgrimage Centre after construction.

The temple offers Annadaana to all devotees on first Thursdays of every month.

Lord Parasiva Viswakarma kanjangad Ponkala picture

Vishwakarma Online Darukala Ponkala inaguration by Alphonso Kannanthanam picture

Virat Vishwakarma Temple Team performing group song during Darukala Ponkala picture

Vishwakarma Online Virat Vishwakarma Temple Darukala Ponkala picture

Vishwakarma Online Virat Vishwakarma Temple Darukala Ponkala picture

Vishwakarma Online Virat Vishwakarma Temple Darukala Ponkala picture

Vishwakarma Online Virat Vishwakarma Temple Darukala Ponkala picture

Darukala Pongala Festival

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President / Secretary

Srimad Parasiva Viswakarma Temple

Anandasram .P.O kanhangad

Kasargod Dist.Kerala

S.INDIA, Phone: 0467 2206071

Publicity Convener: Krishnan Poinachi: 9946752258



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